How can I make my hydrangeas bloom?

I have planted some hydrangeas that were bought as a potted plant. They've been in the soil for several years now but never bloom. They green up beautifully but they don't bloom. Is there anything I can do to makes them bloom?

Submitted by arlenesmith311

Hi, Well it would help a lot to know what kind of hydrangeas you have. The big reason these plants won't bloom is because they are being grown out of their hardiness range. Often the plants are tough enough to survive the winter, but in colder edges of their range, the flower buds freeze during the winter. Or, you are pruning your plant (if you are pruning) it at the wrong time. Most are best pruned in mid-summer, but again, it would help to know what species you have because there are hundreds of hydrangea available and their hardiness varies quite a bit. And, if this hydrangea was sold as a gift plant, not a garden plant, those are florist strains that are not able to handle cold temps.

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