Honeysuckle losing its leaves

I planted a Halls Japanese Honeysuckle on 5-11-10 and it looked good for quite sometime but now the leaves are falling off and it doesn't look good. What could be wrong?
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Thanks for writing. Your honeysuckle may be under attack from disease; honeysuckles are susceptible to a number of them. Unfortunately, I can't diagnose which it may be without being able to see the plant.


For that reason, I'd suggest you take a sample of your plant to the the folks at your county extension office; they should be able to help better if they can see what's going on.


Note: This plant is considered invasive in some regions, so if it is ailing, your best bet may be to take it out and replace it with something that is appropriate for your area.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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