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holly leaves turning brown

I have 2 holly bushes, one female and one male. This Spring the leaves on the one that produces the berries started turning brown and getting dry and brittle. I thought at first it was just winter kill but now the ones on the other plant are also turning brown. It started at the top of the bush and now just the very bottom branches of the 1st bush are green and the 2nd one is about 1/2 brown. Fungus/winter kill/should I just uproot them and start with new shrubs? sincerely, Sally Arsenault
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It's not clear exactly what's going on without seeing the plants, but my guess is that it's winter kill. Winter kill often shows itself in the spring and is a sign that sometime during the winter the temperatures rose for a day or two and then plummeted. Here in Iowa, many people lost boxwoods and conifers because we had a few very warm days in February followed by below zero temps. If your plants are completely brown it's probably too late to do anything but start over."

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