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Hibiscus,mostly bare limbs, bud drops

I have many hibiscus, 3 of them keep dropping the buds before they open.The plant has little on limbs, only on tip. Same dirt etc on all.I have one that is full bodied with new shoots on all limbs. What is wrong with the others?? Everything is the same treatment on all.
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Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your hibiscus in person, it's tough to say what the problem is. It is possible some are rootbound? If so, repotting them should help.

Do they all get the same amount of light? Hibiscus need lots of light in order to bloom well --- if they don't get enough light, they suffer.

Do you water them all on the exact same schedule? If so, that might actually be the problem if some are using water more quickly than others. It's best to water plants when they need it, not by following a rigorous schedule.

Do you fertilize them? It may be that some of your plants need more or less plant food than the others (due to factors such as pot size, how long they've been in the pot, and how much light they get).

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

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