Hibiscus buds fall off instead of opening

"I have 8 hibiscus plants. I am fighting aphids since last year. Thought I had them gone, they are back. I used Malathion which didn't help too much. I did cut them back, and they came back great, only still with the aphids. I sometimes see a orange insect. I have purchased Bayer All-in-One Rose and flower Care Have not used it yet.I need to spray them with something. Hope you can help. My e-mail is joyawin@msn.com Thanks. Hibiscus are in soil-covered with stones."
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Aphids reproduce rapidly, and new generations can quickly become resistant to chemical pesticides such as Malathion. You can try rotating pesticides and including a pyrethrin in the rotation. You might also consider abandoning the pesticides all together and introducing beneficial insects like ladybugs. Hibiscus plants do best when kept evenly moist; even a short dry spell can cause bud drop. Keep the soil evenly moist and mulch them to maintain soil moisture during the hot summer weather.

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