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helping my hydrangas bloom the best they can

how do I care for hydrangeas in the spring? last spring early summer we purchased a powder to bring out the blue in the flowers because the pH was off??? I no longer have the bag, can you help me with this also and do I need to do this each spring or test the soil and when... Thank you soooo much Joy in Ashland Ohio
Submitted by jswinef1

Hydrangeas bloom blue in acid soil and pink in alkaline soil. The product that you used last year to lower the pH (make the soil more acidic), was likely some form of sulfur or sulfate. The amount needed depends on the starting pH of the soil and the soil type, so having a soil test done to get some baseline information is a good idea. In regions where the soil tends to be alkaline (high pH), you may have to add sulfur every year to keep the pH acidic enough to produce clear blue flowers on the hydrangea.

Answered by DSchrock

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