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How do I grow my apple trees as a fence? How do i get more fruit. My trees just produce a few apples. The trees are 4 years old.One of the trees has yellow spots on the leaves before the fruit stars growing. Have sprayed the trees with seven dust does not seem to help. I live in zone 8, the trees are in the sun they are dwarf trees.
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"The yellow spots on the leaves of your apples are an indication of a fungal disease (quite likely cedar-apple rust). Sevin is an insecticide, and will have no effect on fungal diseases. For them, you need to spray a fungicide.
A 4-year-old dwarf apple tree is just at the beginning of its productive period. It usually takes at least 3-5 years for dwarf apple trees to begin bearing reliably. So you can expect greater yields in the future.
To grow apple trees as a fence (espalier), train the branches to grow laterally by tying them to wires when the branches are still flexible and non-woody. Remove the branches that grow outward in the opposite directions. Once the branches have become  woody, they may no longer need the wire support."

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