growing an Avacado tree from the pit

i started an avocado tree from the pit ,it is growing well ,what kind of sun does it need and when should i give it avacado food ? i live live in tucson arizona, lou ryan ,
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Hi, Well first of all, you don't mention  how tall your seedling is. Once an avocado pit has sprouted you should cut it back by half when it reaches about a foot in height. This will encourage bushier growth. Avocados require a lot of light so they need full sun, at least 6 to 8  hours a day. It also helps to mulch them since they are shallow-rooted and will benefit from consistent soil moisture. Feed them lightly about once a year. I suggest using a balanced granular fertilizer. Only apply a teaspoon or two of fertilizer around your young tree per year. Also, keep in mind it may take 6 to 12 years for your tree to be mature enough to produce fruit. And, the tree will probably not produce the same quality fruit as the parent did. This is because most commercially grown avocados are grafted trees that are not grown from seed. The trees themselves are quite pretty, but don't assume you'll be harvesting a lot of delicious produce anytime soon. If you want to have fruit, it's best to buy your trees from a local nursery. They'll sell named varieties that are proven producers of high quality fruit.

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