Frangipani tree lost leaves

"I planted two 6 foot frangipani trees in July of last year in my back yard (I live in SE Florida). They were full of blooms and leaves. They did well until about October/November when I noticed some rust colored dust, what I thought was pollen, all over the leaves. The leaves then began falling off along with the blooms. I thought this may he normal since the weather was cooling, but now it is warming up here (about mid 80's during the day) and still no new leaves or blooms..."
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"Depending on the species you are growing (Plumeria alba is hardy to Zone 11 and Plumeria rubra is hardy to Zone 14), your trees may not have been hardy in your area. Did your temperatures go below 50 degrees last fall? If so, that could have hampered the trees if not killed them outright. Scratch under the bark with your fingernail to see if the inner bark has any color to it; this would indicate the trees are still alive).

Luke Miller, editor
Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine"

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