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Flowering of red twig dogwood

I planted a Red Twig dogwood 5 years ago. It's in partial sun, and the soil's on the acidic side. It's grown well but hasn't flowered yet. The site has 1 oak tree & 1 maple tree, both 20 ft. away on either side, so I have to water occasionally during dry spells in the summer. I haven't fertilized it, nor have I trimmed it. It hasn't flowered yet. I was wondering if the spot's too shady or if there's something else I need to do (i.e. fertilize) to get it to bloom? Thanks!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

 My guess here is that your dogwood is not getting enough sun. And, that it's probably competing with the maple tree (since maples have very shallow roots and very competitive). These shrubs don't have showy flowers, but do produce clusters of small flowers in the summer. To me, it sounds like shade and perhaps root competition are the problem, especially since these types of dogwoods like really moist soil and lots of sun."

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