fast growning border trees/shrubs

I would like to plant a tall fast growing privacy border in my yard, it has dappled sunlight, approx 60% shade. I was told bamboo might be the solution. However I need to know the differences in bamboo, I'm sure I don't want an invasive bamboo, what about a clumping bamboo? I live in the Orlando area, and will be able to irrigate whatever I plant. Help and thanks!
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You do have to be cautious when planting bamboo. I've heard horror stories of bamboo battles in the garden. First, use the Plant Encyclopedia on our website to develop a list of choices. It has a "plant finder" that lets you select criteria like shade conditions and the height you'd like. From there, talk to a local Certified Nursery Professional for his or her recommendations. (CNPs work in garden centers all over the place.) The advantage in talking to a local professional is that he or she will have first-hand experience with the plants you're considering.

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