Dying Azaleas

I planted some dwarf Azaleas in the early spring, they seemed to be doing well. It's been unusually dry this summer and three of my Azaleas are dead and/or dying. I have been watering them, but to no avail. Any suggestions for these and any new ones I plant?
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Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but without being able to see your plants and where they're growing, I can't say for sure why your azaleas are dying. Many types don't do well with hot, dry conditions --- so if they got dried out a few times it could have possibly done them in.

For more help, I'd check with the staff at your local nursery, garden center, or cooperative extension office. They should be able to help more if you can describe the growing conditions better and answer any questions they have about your care of the azaleas.

Good luck!

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com "

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