Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Care/Watering. Fall Planting.

I just replaced a dead dwarf Alberta Spruce with same today (10/8/10). It is in my front yard. I live in Homewood, IL 60430. Zone 5. Since I am planting this in the Fall, how do I care for it? How much and how often do I water it before frost sets in? Thanks in advance.
Submitted by sherrywhi

Hi, So sorry this answer has been delayed. Our Garden Doctor service has been down through the month of November for repairs. I would be sure your spruce goes into the winter with moist soil and a mulch around its base. You might also want to spray the plant with an anti-transpirant product such as Wilt-Pruf to help it through the winter. You can buy it at most garden centers or home stores. It's also a good thing to do for live Christmas trees you bring into your home.

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