Disease on Rose of Sharon

"I have several Rose of Sharon on each side of a driveway in my yard. One of the Rose of Sharons has some sort of disease on the leaves which has caused many of the leaves to turn yellow and are dropping off. The affected leaves have some dark sports on them. I am concerned that this may kill the shrub. Any information as to what this is and what to do for it would be appreciated. Betty Sewell"
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"Hi Betty,

Thanks for writing. There are several diseases that can attack rose of Sharon. I'm really sorry, but without being able to examine the plants in person, I can't tell you which it might be.

For more help, I'd advise you to check with your local cooperative extension service. An agent should be able to help you a lot more, especially if you can bring in samples of the affected leaves for them to view. If you're not familiar with your county's cooperative extension service, it's a great resource. You should be able to find contact information in the government pages of your local telephone book.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com "

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