Digging up hydrangea bushes

I live in Va. Beach, Va. and planted hydrangea bushes (Blue Nikko) in my front flower beds before amending the soil. They bloomed last year and are in a sunny spot. I have nothing else planted in the bed and would like to dig them up and place them in pots so that I can amend the soil with compost, etc. and get the bed ready to plant other shrubs and flowers. Can they be dug up before they begin to bloom? Or when is the best time to do this? They already have their leaves.
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You can safely dig the hydrangeas before or after they bloom. If you're focused on the long-term garden display and not this season's aesthetics, the timing of your project doesn't matter. However, the transplanting may stress the plants and it's possible that blooming will be reduced if you dig before they bloom. To ease the stress on your hydrangeas, try to keep it a short-duration project. Have all of your soil amendments and equipment/tools ready before you dig, take a day or a weekend to amend the soil, and then replant without delay.

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