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differences in bushses

What is the difference between a lilac and a lavender bush. I have a bush that was already in my garden when I bought my house 2 years ago. Some family call it a lilac and some call it a lavender bush. Is there a difference?

Submitted by carolynperkins3

Hi, Well the old-fashioned common lilacs grow up to 10 feet tall and have spikes of fragrant lavender, blue, pink, or white blooms in May. Lavender, the plant is a perennial that only grows about 3 feet tall and has very fragrant foliage with blue flowers in the summer.  My guess is that you have a lilac and that possibly, some folks in your region call it a lavender bush simply because it has lavender colored flowers. However, that is incorrect. There is no lavender bush, unless they are referring to the perennial plant which is just called lavender.

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