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Did I kill my tree?

I have a red haven peach tree that I have had about 4 years. Last year was the first year I got peaches off that were good enough to eat. However the weight from the peaches bent the branches over about half way down the tree. So, in late February, I pruned the tree, but I think I caused MAJOR problems to it. It did have about 30 leaves and approx 10 buds on the tree, but now there's only about 5 leaves on the tree and nothing else. Did I kill it? If not, how do I fix it? Please help!
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"Pruning your peach tree in February would not have caused damage to the tree. That's the correct time to prune. And peach trees can withstand rather severe pruning with no ill effects.
There could be other factors involved in the poor growth of your tree. Late winter freezes (after the time of pruning) may have killed some of the buds; there may be borers attacking the main trunk; the main trunk may have been damaged from sunscald; or any of a number of other problems. Look closely at the main trunk or at ground level to see if you can observe anything out of the ordinary.

It's possible that the tree may yet sprout new growth."

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