Cut back hydrangeas? No flowers coming back

I have a few small hydrangea bushes however I have tried getting info on caring for them and have conflicting ideas about whether to cut back the branches. I've left branches intact and plant is growing and starting to hide them. Some books say to cut back, other say flowers grow on old wood, but it looks as though nothing new is growing from the old "wood". There are only 2 flowers coming back now that it is getting to blooming time. Only one flower last year. How do i get it blooming again?
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"Most hydrangeas do bloom only on old wood. That may be why yours is NOT blooming. If it puts out no new growth from the old wood, no flowers will develop. This could be because the flower buds are not entirely hardy in your area.

You may want to try one of the newer reblooming hydrangeas that bloom on new AND old wood. Endless Summer and Forever & Ever Series hydrangeas fall into this category."

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