Crape Myrtle not growing new wood or blooming

I have a crape myrtle tree that is not growing this year. I planted last Spring and all was well. This Spring it put new leaves out on the old wood but no new wood has grown an no blooms. The others are doing great. The leaves have a red tent but not dark green like the others. Thinking it could be root bound but would like to know if it could be diseased. Any suggestions?

Submitted by Unctarheelsrgr8

Most of the diseases that attack crape myrtle affect the foliage--either powdery mildew, which causes a white film on the leaves, or leaf spot, which shows up as spotted leaves. From your description, it doesn't sound like either of these. It's possible that there could be problems in the root zone or on the main trunk near the ground level. You might examine the trunk closely for damage. It's also possible that the plant just hasn't taken off yet.

Answered by DSchrock

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