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Crape Myrtle bush not growing this year

I live in central Illinois, and have 2 crape myrtle bushes. They were here when we bought our home 8 years ago, so I'm not sure exactly how long ago they were planted. Usually, we cut them to the ground early each spring and they grow again on new wood. This year one of them is not growing. Is it possible that there is too much old wood? How do I remedy this problem. They are so beautiful, I really don't want to lose this feature in our yard.
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Thanks for writing. If one crepe myrtle has started growing but the other hasn't, I'd be afraid that it probably won't come back.


I wouldn't guess too much old wood would be a problem, though there are lots of reasons the tree may not have made it. But if you've had crepe myrtles in your Zone 5 yard for 8 years, I'd say you've done very, very well --- there are only a handful of crepe myrtles that do well in our cold Zone 5 winters.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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