Crabapple fruit not eaten by birds

In past years, birds ate all the fruit off our flowering crabapple. This year the fruit remained all winter and even is there now that the tree has leafed out. In addition, this is the first year the tree did not bloom. Any idea what the problem is?

Submitted by mjersak1

Hi, Well I don't think the situations are related. On many crabapple trees the fruit is only edible to birds after it's been frozen and thawed a number of times. So, perhaps your fruit didn't mature enough to be tasty to your local songbirds. Or, that migrating robins, waxwings and other fruit-eating birds have found other food more to their liking in other locations. These birds travel in big flocks in the spring and they may have just passed on your house for another. Now, I can't be sure why it didn't bloom. Sometimes fruit trees will take a year off, especially if they had a particularly heavy fruit set the year before. I think, if your tree leafs out and looks healthy, there is nothing to worry about and that it's likely it will bloom better next year. Also, be sure it's still getting the same amount of sunlight as it used to get. Sometimes people don't realize if they have a larger tree nearby that has slowly grown over a shorter tree, shading it.

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