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Can you suggest several species that I can plant in my hedge?

I want to plant a 100-yard-long hedge to screen my neighbors and discourage entry onto my property. I would prefer an evergreen hedge. Please recommend several species that I can plant.
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One selection I'd consider above all others is Emerald ('Smaragd') arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'). It grows 15 feet tall and has a dense habit. One reason for its popularity is that its emerald green foliage holds its color, even in winter. It also tolerates cold and heat and is commonly available.  It's been my experience that planting smaller conifers as hedges is the way to go. At end-of-season clearance sales, I've found 2-foot plants for as little as $5. These small plants establish themselves quickly.  When you plant your hedge of Emerald arborvitae, space the shrubs about 4 feet apart, and dig a wide hole for each plant. Avoid planting conifers too deeply; dig planting holes no deeper than the height of the pot. Remove any cord or wires binding the root ball, as well as any material (such as burlap) covering the roots.

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