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Can I grow Trees from the fruit that our Black Walnut trees drop?

"We recently moved to Indiana two years ago and I live in zone 5 and need some information on Black Walnut Trees we have several of them in our yard and they drop walnuts every year. I would like to know if I can plant the walnuts that drop from the trees? I have heard that you should not plant a vegetable garden or flowers near the black walnut trees. Is this true and why? Thank you for you time. Jacqueline"
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Yes, you can start new walnuts from the nuts your trees drop. Simply collect them in the fall and bury them under a couple of inches of soil and/or mulch. The nuts need to experience a winter outside to germinate. The roots of walnut trees give off a substance called juglone that inhibits the growth of other plants and is toxic to some species such as tomatoes. It's a natural way the trees fight off competitors. That's why growing veggies and certain other plants is very hard to do and not recommended."

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