Bugs on tree last year, but used a spray to kill them

I live in southeast Texas, I have a Silver Maple i believe in my front yard and every year it has grown and beautiful. Last year i noticed bugs on it and after spraying and killing the white wormy things, the tree lost bark and i used the black spray for trimming trees to help with healing the tree. Now its March and there is no sign of budding. But we had IKE back in Sept and the leaves turned brown and fell! Does my tree have any hope??
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"Silver maples are already budding here in Iowa, so they should be well ahead of that in Texas. Scratch back the bark on twigs; if you see green, the branch is still alive. If it's beige or tan under the bark, then the branch is dead. You mentioned spraying the pruning-cut spray on the tree; if there was a lot of damage to the bark, then that was probably fatal to the tree.

Luke Miller, editor
Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine


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