browning arborviteas

I live in Wisconsin ,zone 5. We had a pretty harsh winter. Very cold with a lot of snow this year. I have Arborvitae and green mountain boxwood planted 3 years ago down the length of my lot line. Some of the arborvitae look great others are turning brown. The boxwood - again some are doing fine...some the branches are turning white and appear to be dying off. Any suggestions to help these ailing plants?
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At this point, there's nothing you can really do except to trim away the dead. My boxwoods often produce that white foliage in the winter. I just trim that away and they recover fine. The arborvitae may have a tougher time. It depends on how badly they have been damaged. All of the damage is caused by drying winter winds so you can try to prevent this next year by erecting a burlap wind screen to block the wind by your plants and/or by spraying them with anti-transpirant spray in the fall. You can buy it at most garden centers."

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