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Brown & wilting leaves on Butterfly Bush

I recently purchased 2 Lo & Behold butterfly bushes. One is planted in part shade and doing great while the other is planted in full sun and doing terrible. It almost looks dead but it isn't. The leaves have turned brown and wilt, even the small new leaves. Some have dried up and it doesn't really bloom. The few leaves that are still green are very washed out. I dug up the plant and put it in a large pot with potting soil and it still looks bad. What's wrong with it? I am giving it TLC
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Did the butterfly bush in full sun dry out at some time? Even though butterfly bush is rather drought tolerant, a newly planted one will require regular watering until the roots can expand from the old container soil ball into the new surrounding soil. This may may that you would need to water the plant daily or every other day until the roots grow.

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