brown leaves that are falling off

"We have a variegated maple tree and some of the leaves are turning brown and falling off. It seems too early in the year for this to be happening. We have a fertilizing service tell us that it probably had bugs infesting it, and for quite a bit of money, they would spray insecticides on all of our trees, shrubs, grass, etc. this seemed excessive, and like a money making deal for them. We live in St. Paul, MN, and we've had a dry, cool summer."
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Well first of all, when a tree acts like this, it's generally due to an environmental problem. If the leaves are browing and falling I highly doubt it's a pest problem and I would never allow someone to spray my place like that. I have seen some trees here in Des Moines doing the same thing and I can't help but think it's partly due to the odd weather we've been having in the midwest. If I were you, I'd take a sample to your local extension service or certified nursery person to get an up-close examination of the leaves, especially since we can't see them ourselves. And, don't let yourself get talked into spraying the tree or  your grounds."

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