Boxwood turning yellow

I have a group of 6 boxwood shrubs that are turning yellow and look dead. Early in the spring I pruned off the winter kill leaves and the shrubs looked pretty good. Now they are showing small areas that are green, but most of the plant is yellow and looks dead. Is this fatal, can the be treated?
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The timing of the yellowing suggests that this is also winter injury. Often internal stem tissues that conduct water and nutrients may be damaged over winter, but the damage doesn't show up on the leaves until the temperature warms, and the plant is not longer able to get enough moisture and nutrients through the damaged conducting tissues. Go ahead an cut them back to the healthy green sections. They can grow out from even a small healthy green section.

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It does not answer my question regarding the boxwood bushes turning yellow. It survived very well after a harsh winter we had in January. It is turning yellow this month of May, probably due to drought. We hardly had any rain for three long months, so I started watering the boxwood bushes when it started discoloring. It got worse! Almost very yellow! Help! (from Texas)
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