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Blank canvas??

I live in central wyoming and the soil at my house has clay soil and alkalie. There are currently no plants, trees, or grass on my property, so I am working with a blank canvas. Are there any plants or trees that will grow in this type of soil, and what is a cost effective way to get the soil ready to plant?
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Thanks for writing. The best thing you can do for your soil is enrich it with organic matter, such as compost. So first I'd check with your community and see if they offer free compost (many do). If that's the case, I'd get as much as you could and incorporate it into your ground.


As far as plants that should do well for you, check out these slideshows:

Top Plants for the Mountain West

Native Plants of the Mountain West

Deer-Resistant Plants of the Mountain West


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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