black spots on leafs of weeping willow

I planted a six-foot-tall weeping willow this past spring in Zone 7. I watered faithfully, and fertilized with fish emulsion. I can tell some of the branches are dry and dead but, now that it's fall, the leaves are falling and it looks awful. As I mentioned in the title, it has blackspot on the leaves and has had it for some time. Any advice you can give me would be my Xmas present.
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Black spot requires a fungicide to get rid of it. Your local nursery will carry a spray. Willows are prone to so many diseases and pests that I would say this tree isn't the best choice for a domestic landscape. Willows are much better along the river, where they can spread out and grow strong enough to resist all of those things that assault them. Go to your county extension Web site at and look at their plant lists for suitable trees for your yard.

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