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birch trees in arizona

I moved to Kingman, Arizona, from San Rafael, California. I'm landscaping my yard, which is nothing but dusty dirt. I have always had birch trees in all my homes in Marin County and would like to have them here. Will they do well here or would aspen do better? It is 3500' elevation, cold to mild winters, and 90 to 100 degrees during the summer. I need my birch fix!
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Birches and aspens in general require a lot of water to do well, which you had in Zone 10 California but not in Zone 7 Kingman, Arizona. Even when established, these trees have poor tolerance for drought. For a white-barked shrub or small tree, try Curleaf Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus ledifolius). It is a slow-grower and, like aspens and birches, makes a great windbreak, hedgerow, grouping or specimen.

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