Best plants for acidic siol in full sun

We removed a large pine tree a few years ago, this spot now gets full sun. The area is at the top of a slope and I know that the soil is on the acidic side due to the pine needles. What would be some suggestions for plantings in that area, in flowering, shrubs and maybe small trees. I don't want to plant anything that would get to tall because I have a few raised beds for garden vegetables near by.

Submitted by e-fairchild

The soil under a pine tree is not necessarily more acidic than surrounding soil, so don't limit your choices to acid-loving plants, unless you have a soil test that indicates low acidity in the area. (You could also raise the pH easily by adding lime.) Blueberries are acid-loving shrubs that are also quite ornamental. For other ideas, check out the advanced search option in our plant encyclopedia.

Answered by DSchrock

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