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beetles in my oak tree at the base

a patch of bark fell off my oak tree at the base about 4x6 inches, aftre doing a little proding with a small shovel, a "beetle" looking bug about 3/4 of in inch feel out. It had eaten through the bark to the wood. I cut away as much of the dead bark as i could and now have a space about 6x8 inches exposing the wood of the tree. What should i do to make sure this insect does not do more damage. the tree is about 50 years old and seems to be in great shape. thanks
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

I'm guessing your tree is probably fine. The fact you found a beetle under the bark is no surprise since many different types of beetles live under the bark of trees. And, if this bark was loose to begin with any number of beetles might move in. If you had the beetle, I would suggest you take it to your local extension service for identification, but it doesn't sound like you still have it available. Again, if your tree looks healthy and this was only a tiny part of the bark I'd guess you are fine. If you are still nervous about it, call a local arborist to look at the tree and the damage on it. "

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