Why is my viburnum bark peeling off?

I have a beautiful doublefile viburnum which flourishes every spring with cascades of white layered flowers. In checking out the shrub which is at 7'x 6' wide...it's gorgeous, it's 10 years old, we noticed that parts of the bark are dying and peeling off on some branches. Other branches have already begun to sprout leaves and the clusters are starting to form, but even some of the leaves are curling brown. Oh please help me save shrub! We live in Buffalo, NY. Should we tree wrap the branches?
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"If the bark is already peeling on the branches, the damage is already done, and wrapping them will not help. In fact, it might promote decay by trapping in moisture.
The peeling bark could be an indication of an insect infestation, either borers or periodical cicadas are possibilities. Did you by chance have an outbreak of periodical cicadas in your area last year? The egg laying of the adults sometimes can girdle stems and cause twig dieback.
You can check for borers by pulling back the loose bark to see if you can find borer trails or exit holes (like shot holes). If borers are present you may want to treat  the viburnums with a systemic insecticide."

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