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Avocado Tree - To Graft or not to Graft

I am growing an Avocado tree from seed. I planted it March 23, 2013. I have it in a small pot but will be moving it to a larger pot soon. It is doing very well! I understand it will take years to produce fruit and it may not be as good as the parent tree's fruit. My question is: Will grafting encourage fruit production sooner? And can I get the graft/cutting from the same tree I got my seed from or does it have to be from another tree all together? When should the grafting be done? Thank you

Submitted by squeakyval

I think it's mainly a matter of age and size with avocados. Grafting from a different plant would let you know what variety you're getting. But I doubt it would promote fruiting much sooner. Grafting from same plant would offer not benefit I can think of.  Graft when it's not hot, unless you keep the plant inside, in which case it doesn't much matter when you graft.

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