why are new shrubs dying in newly tilled bed created from lawn that we "rounded up"?

Several weeks ago we used round-up on some lawn bordering our veg. garden in order to create a perennial/shrub bed. We rototilled two days later and I planted several shoots from my mom's astilbe and forsythia shrubs. They aren't doing well - have turned about half brown and seem to either be dying or really struggling. Any ideas why? Planted too soon after Roundup??? Grass breaking down in soil stealing nutrients???
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Thanks for taking the time to write. If it's been more than two weeks since you used the herbicide, that shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't guess the decaying grass would be having that much of an effect on your plants, though it's possible.


Is it possible the plants are going through transplant shock? Have you been keeping them well watered since they've been transplanted (that's really hepful, especially if you've had warm or windy weather since moving them from your mom's)? Have you fertilized them at all? Too much fertilizer right after you transplant them can also cause the kind of damage you're describing.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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