Too much bagged cow manure??

I planted a 4x8" veggie garden this weekend using 5 bags of cow manure ("custom blend of highly organic materials" is stated on the bag) and 3-1/2 bags of topsoil (b/c I made the mistake of thinking I needed only cow manure - but when purchasing it, it felt wrong so i grabbed 3 bags of topsoil, too. Had half a bag at home, as well). Mixed it all well. Planted. Is my garden now doomed with that much cow manure?? The bag says will not cause fertilizer burn. Also, it's listed as 1-1-1. Help!
Submitted by elisas

With an analysis of 1-1-1, it would be almost impossible for the cow manure to cause fertilizer burn on your plants. It might, however, be high enough in salts to affect germinating seedlings. Primarily, though it should be good organic matter that would help the growth of plants. If you're concerned about it being too concentrated, you could mix in some of the existing soil to dilute the effect of the cow manure.

Answered by DSchrock

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