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soil safety

hi~~~ i am brand new to gardening, so i dont have any experience at all. hoping you can help out a newbie. heres my problem..... our neighbour's 20 plus cats have been using our backyard as their litterbox for years. other than simply disposing of their waste, what if anything can be done to ensure that our soil is safe for planting a veggie garden? i know starting a container garden is one option. any other options tips and info you can offer would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
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Thanks for writing. There are a number of repellents you can try; many gardeners have success with these. Or, if you're home when the cats invade, you can try spraying them with water from your hose. Most cats learn after being doused with water two or three times to stay away. You can also try putting decorative fencing around the area; that may deter the cats and cause them to go elsewhere. Otherwise, if your area has leash laws for cats, you can ask your neighbor to keep the cats in bounds or otherwise you'll be forced to contact your community's animal control department.


Note: Always wear gloves when you're in the soil and wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Cat waste can carry diseases that can make you sick.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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