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soil drainage for my tulips

"I recently moved to a new home and after ""watching"" the lawn for a year decided to plant some flowers. Last fall I planted some tulips in the front of my yard near the street. This year, the area is SUPER WET and I am afraid my tulips will rot. I don't know why it is so wet there this year but I am wondering if there is something I can do to make the soil drain better or must I move the tulips? The soil is pretty much black dirt. "
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Well it depends on how wet the soil is and how often it remains wet. If this is a problem spot caused by drainage issues, then you may need to add a French drain or something to get the water away from the area. If, however, it it just happens to get really muddy after rains, but is not a low spot, then you can probably improve drainage for your plants by mixing some sand into the soil to improve drainage. It truly depends on why the area is so wet.

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