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Preparing garden for next season

After my vegetable garden is done for the season, can I just plow it again with the dirt and mulch, then cover it with a dark plastic cover for the winter, so it will be ready for more veggie's next year. Do you know of something else I might add before I cover the space? Chester, South Carolina
Submitted by semplyme



Thanks for writing. Fall tilling can be a good idea as it gives you a headstart on spring and can disrupt the life cycle of some pests and diseases, helping you have a healthy garden next year.


As far as the black plastic goes, I don't see any good reason to put that over your soil for winter. If you did want to add something, I'd incorporate some compost.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I like to use black plastic over the garden beds for winter. It inhibits early weeds and keeps the soil drier so I can plant earlier. I didn't do it last fall and with all the rain this spring I couldn't have a regular garden this year.
Submitted by eliz.haire