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How to treat compost

"This year I am trying for the first time to make compost, I started with a small pile in the garden on the soil,I started with a trail, a pile 2ftX 2ft X 2ft, I put on Some Brown Dried leaves and then put some fruit peelings,egg shell, grass and then I put another stuff of brown leaves and I stopped cause I was afraid That it will not have time to cook, do you think that I still continue to put brown material and green material until when ?? your advice is appreciated. Thanks"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

A great thing about compost is that it happens, almost despite what you do to it! The pile you have created may be a little too small to decompose quickly. Generally you need a pile up to 3 feet in all dimensions to get the internal temperatures high enough for rapid decomposition. However, smaller piles will decompose, too, just at a lower temperature, and thus, at a slower rate. Mixing the pile also speeds decomposition, as does careful attention to maintaining the correct moisture levels

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