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"I would like to know what to plant in my raised beds over the winter to add nutrients. we also have a christmas tree farm and would like to know what we could plant to add nurtients to a new field to build it up before planting."
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In raised beds in the fall, you can plant annual rye grass. The grass will grow quickly in the cool, fall weather and will die after the first hard freeze. The grass will act as a mulch for your soil over the winter and in the spring you can till it into the soil as a ""green manure."" It works great. Now as far as your farm is concerned, I'd start with a soil test to see if your soil actually needs any amendments. Check with your local soil service, extension service or nursery to find out. If you want to grow something to add nutrients, at this late time, the rye grass would work here as well. If it was in the spring, I'd suggest a green manure crop like buckwheat."

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