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Trouble Getting Seedlings transplanted...please help!

I do okay getting vegatable seeds to grow in the contains you keep in the house. My problem is getting from there to the ground outside. I live in NE OH/Zone 4 and I wait until after the last frost (usually May) to try to plant outside. The plants in the containers look good. I have even brushed over them lightly with a small paint brush to 'roughen them before putting them outside on the north facing front porch before trying to plant them but most of them die before that. Any suggestions?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

How big are these transplants when you're putting them out in the garden? If they're still tiny little seedlings in a seed-starting tray, they haven't much hope of surviving. Your best bet is to take an interim step. Once seedlings are about a month old, you carefully remove them from the seed-starting tray and pot them in individual containers to grow out another month or more before going outside. A simpler solution might be to use peat pots, since you don't have to disturb roots. Then, when you're ready to take them outdoors, let them acclimate to the weather over time, in a partly shaded area protected from winds. The north side of your house might be shady, but it also might be getting some dessicating winds, too.

Luke Miller, editor

Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine

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