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Seeds sowed in a small container covered with plastic

I wish to start to explore the procedures from seed sowing.About 26 days ago, I sowed Ponies seeds and also Celery and Stephanotis seeds in 3 divided sections in a small container.I sowed the Stephanotis seeds one by one due to their larger size, and for the Ponies and Celery I mixed the seeds with some sand due to their being small in order to separate.I watered the compost before sowing. I covered the container with the container's lid.I have never watered them but they did not germinate.
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These 3 types of plants are slow and somewhat difficult to germinate. Peonies can take months, and may need a cold treatment in order to germinate. It might be a good idea to learn more about seed germination techniques with easy-to-grow types first. Marigold and zinnia are some of the easiest.

Even though you covered the seed starting mix after you watered it, the compost may have dried enough that the seeds wouldn't germinate well. It pays to check for adequate moisture on a daily basis. Also, what temperature did you keep the seeds at? Most types of seeds germinate well at about 70 degrees F. If it's too cold or too hot, they may not grow at all.

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