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Do vegtable seeds go bad?

Do vegetable seeds go bad?I have some that I have had for a while but never planted.Should I try to grow them or buy new seeds?
Submitted by leggaleyablond1

Vegetable seeds do deteriorate in quality over time. Some types last well for several years; others lose viability quickly. They last longer if stored cool and dry. An ideal home storage system is to place leftover seeds in a tightly closed glass jar in a refrigerator.

If you have questions about the viability of your seeds, you can do a quick germination test on them. Place 10 or 20 seeds on a moist paper towel. roll up the towel and place it in a plastic bag in a warm location. Check the number of germinated seeds after a week or so. If very few seeds germinate, you're best off starting with fresh seeds.

Answered by DSchrock

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