Are my vegetable seeds from last year still good to plant this year?

I have some vegetable seeds left over from last year. Will they still be good to plant this year?
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Some vegetable seeds store well from one year to the next, and others don't. To be certain whether your saved seeds will grow in the garden or you need to buy new ones, do a germination test on them. Moisten a paper towel and line up 10 seeds along one edge; fold the edge over the seeds. Roll up the paper towel. Place the paper towel in a covered tray or plastic bag in a warm (room temperature) location and keep it moist but not soggy. In a few days, unroll the towel to see how many seeds have germinated. This will give you an idea of what to do with your saved seed. If germination is poor, it's best to discard the seed. If most of the seeds germinated, you may be able to use the rest from that packet, but sow the seed more heavily. And if nearly all the seeds germinated, sow the seed at the normal rate.



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