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What care do roses need other than watering?

I recently purchased a home that has several beautiful roses. What care do the plants need other than watering? They all have exotic names on the tags. This is my first garden, and I wouldn't want to kill the roses from my lack of plant-care knowledge.
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Without knowing what types of roses you have, I can't be specific about their care, but here are some general tips you can follow. Prune any dead or dying branches in early spring. In spring, fertilize with a slow-release, granular fertilizer formulated for roses. Keep the plants mulched to prevent weed competition and to keep soil moisture levels consistent. Water with drip irrigation rather than overhead sprinklers, if possible. Roses can become diseased if their leaves stay wet. Remove old blooms as they fade. This encourages the plants to produce new blooms. Keep an eye out for insect pests, and spray only when necessary. You are lucky that your roses still have tags that identify them. These tags will allow you to look up information on what type of roses they are and what specific care they might need. Type the name of each rose into a search engine on the Internet, and you'll probably find all sorts of helpful information.

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