West Wall Roses

"I live in Dallas and have a 4 X 50 feet bed on the west side of my house. I would like to plant Roses (nice, smelly roses) in standard, bush and miniatures. What type should I plant?"
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Roses in general are not drought-tolerant, but you can still have plenty of different varieties in your Zone 8 area. A hybrid tea rose, 'Double Delight,' smells a bit like cloves. Why not try the Yellow Rose of Texas (Rosa harrisonii)? It's a fragrant shrub rose. A smaller rose, 'The Fairy,' grows to about two feet high and wide, but needs a bit of shade so its light pink blossoms won't fade. Many other roses will grow in your region, like 'Champney's Pink Cluster' and all types of Rosa rugosa. Amend your soil with organic matter, mulch heavily and water regularly, and you'll have a lovely rose garden.

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