weak stems on a rose

"I just planted a few rose bushes this Spring. They seem to be doing pretty good, but one pink one (I don't know the name) seems to droop to the ground when it blooms. Sometimes it has several blooms on one stem and the stems seem to be thinner than the ones on my other bushes. What should I do?"
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Sounds like your rose's growth is a little overzealous. Fertilize your rose with a slow-release fertilizer with a balanced or near-balanced formula--something like 10-10-10 or 10-15-10. Make sure the third number, potassium, isn't terribly low, and the first number, nitrogen, isn't terribly high. Higher potassium should help strengthen the stems. The drawback to high nitrogen is you'd have a lot of green growth and lose out on blooms. In the meantime, either stake your roses or cut them for vases indoors.

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