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Transplanting roses

I live south of Amarillo, Tx in which according to your zone map looks like zone 6b. I need to know the best time to transplant roses from the back yard to the front, and what to add to the soil. At this time most of my roses are still blooming.
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Wait until the first real frost before you transplant the rose bushes, especially since you don't want to lose the flowers that are still in bloom. Prune out any spindly or overgrown stems. When you lift the plant, take a good sized ball of soil along as well and have the new home already prepared. Be sure that the new soil drains well. If not add some amendments to improve it. Add some bonemeal to help the root system get established. Plant the bush so that it is at the same level as it was before. If this is a hybrid tea rose, the bud union should be a couple of inches above ground. After firming in and watering, apply a mulch to keep the soil moist and provide some protection for the winter.

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